Over the last few months I have had a number of clients who have not turned up for their appointments, because of this I have had to make the difficult decision to introduce a cancellation fee:-

If you don’t attend your session, or if you cancel it without at least 24 hours notice, then you will be charged the full amount of the session you booked. I also reserve the right to request advance payment for any future treatments before I will confirm these bookings. (I will use my discretion so if it’s a genuine emergency please get in touch as soon as you are able and explain the situation to me.)

Your booking confirmation e-mail does contain a link which allows you to cancel (and then reschedule if you wish) your appointment. If you are struggling with the technology please feel free to contact me and I will update the appointment for you.

I  love my job, it is incredibly rewarding to watch peoples physical, mental and spiritual health improve. However, this reward doesn’t pay my bills! I rely on the money I make to keep the heating on and to buy my food. If you don’t turn up then I don’t get paid and you rob the spot from another paying customer who may have wanted to see me.

I’m sure you would find it disheartening if your boss told you to be ready for work at 10am then decided at 10.01am that they didn’t actually want you and weren’t going to pay you.

95% of my clients have never missed an appointment, 4% of my clients are just forgetful (which is why my new software sends out email reminders!) so this policy is only aimed at the small minority of people who just decide not to come – please be more considerate to others, the world will be a much kinder place.

Many blessings,


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