What Is Chios®?

Like changing the course of a river at its source, or treating disease in a tree at its root level, energy healing treatments offer the possibility of deep, fundamental healing, growth and positive change to body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Your best choice for energy healing treatments may be Chios® Energy Healing. Chios® is perhaps the most innovative, comprehensive and powerful aura and chakra-based energy healing art in the world today. The breakthrough techniques of Chios®:

  • Unblocking Chakras
  • Aura Clearing (removing dark, negative energies)
  • Sealing Leaks and Tears in the Aura Layers
  • Chakra Charging (using colour)
  • Chakra System Rebalancing (using colour)
  • Radiatory Healing of Chakras
  • Seventh Layer (of Aura) Focal Healing
  • Frisson Healing of Chakras and the Seventh Layer
  • Distance Healing (using colour and light)
  • Use energy, colour and light channelling methods, unique to Chios® and not available in any other spiritual or energy healing system, to provide powerful and effective aura and chakra healing.

Healing the body, mind and spirit at this true, root level of energetic healing in the aura and chakras may provide enhanced quality of life, facilitate your spiritual growth and provide healing you will not find elsewhere. Chios® also offers new energy healing treatment procedures for complementary care of over 100 common serious illnesses and afflictions.

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