Katafray essential oil is great for pain relief  and inflammation but emotionally the oil can help you to forgive yourself and rid anger.

Katafray is a tall tree from Madagascar that reaches a height of 15m that has green to orange bark hues. It’s the leaves and the bark that is used for distilled or expressed essential oils.

It’s properties are any inflammatory, analgesic, relaxant and antimicrobial.

It is really good for Rheumatic complaints, arthritis, muscular problem’s and all types of pain. It has also been used nor dermatitis and eczema and helping people to sleep due to the relaxing properties.

Emotionally this oil is grounding, balances fragile nerves and helps people to overcome anger. Most importantly it can help you to forgive yourself.

Extremely safe and non irritant and an oil that can be used safely for pain complaints.

I offer a pain blend which uses this oil along with 3 other essential oils. I have had clients with moderate to extreme pain and this blend has helped them. It is designed to complement western medicine pain management, this oil along with other essential oils are like tools to help you cope if you’re suffering from pain.


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