Past Life Regression is a therapy that uses hypnosis to induce a trance state that allows you to access your subconscious mind and experience past life memories. Exploring past lives helps to deepen your self-awareness, understand the path you follow and can help you to understand difficulties you face in life right now.

Many people turn to past life regression techniques to learn more about themselves and the journey that they have been on within physical reality.

Past life regression provides the opportunity to discover who you may have been in a previous life as many believe we have had hundreds and even thousands of lives. During this process you may discover the source of fears, phobias, physical ailments or issues you are facing. Mostly it is used so that people who are curious about their past lives can gain a deeper understanding of their own history.

A past life regression is not a psychic reading. I will not tell you about your past lives; instead I am guiding you to remember your own past lives and memories.

During a session I will guide you through hypnosis back to an earlier time or a past life, within a session we may discover 2-4 past lives while in a hypnotic trance state. I will guide you as you experience each past life yourself by asking specific questions that are said to uncover information about your past. You might see it play out like a movie on a big screen; sense it as an awareness or deep sense of knowing or you might even feel different emotions and sensations associated with that lifetime. I love offering these sessions as they can be extremely interesting and fascinating to uncover for people. I myself have had 2 past life regressions that really helped me to understand parts about myself when I fully discerned the information that I had.

If you struggle to relax or can’t visualise then there is a 25 minute Mindful Reiki session included, which will allow you to relax enough to transition to the past life regression. The whole session usually lasts for around 2 hours.

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