Copaiba balsam is a non irritant essential oil that is extremely safe. It contains B Caryophylene of around 80 percent, this is great for inflammation within the body. This oil even acts on CB2 receptors and modulates pain. This is the same as taking CBD for pain. They both work the exact same way.

Copaiba balsam comes from Brazil and is a sweet balsamic aroma and is an amazing essential oil. It can be used for inflamed membranes in the airwaves of any one suffering phumonia, COPD or asthma.

This essential oil is the basis of many pain and inflammation blends as an aromatherapist. This oil is amazing for Neuropathic pain, boosts immunity and works on the endocannabinoid system.

Emotional uses; this oil removes stress, has a calming effect and great for anxiety.

Physical uses; this oil reduces high blood pressure, helps inflammation, respiratory problems and neuropathic pain.


Blends well with; Rose, Jasmine, young Glan got, cedar wood, bergamot, plai, black pepper, clary sage and sweet orange.

If you want a blend that helps you with mild to chronic pain then I am an advanced practitioner who can help many people suffering from pain. Copaiba is one in 20 oils for pain. I do offer samples if you can pay for shipping.

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