Dr William Fitzgerald

Reflexology can be traced back from ancient writings and artefacts from the Egyptian & Chinese civilisations. Throughout history many societies had adopted the practice of massaging the feet to promote good health and vitality. This early form of Reflexology was called zone therapy. It was not until the early part of the 20th century that this ancient therapy would be rediscovered by Dr William Fitzgerald and modern zone theory was born. Dr William Fitzgerald argued to the scientific community by offering compelling evidence that applying pressure to one area of the foot could cause anaesthesia to areas of the body. He argued that there was a link from the feet to corresponding body parts.

Eunice Ingham

In the 1930’s a physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham had a great interest in Dr Fitzgerald’s work. She, through time & patience, found corresponding areas that had an effect on certain parts of the body. She took the workings of Zone therapy and mapped out her findings in two books called ”Stories the Feet Have Told” & “Stories the Feet Can Tell”. It was Eunice Ingham who created modern reflexology. Since her discoveries many more health professionals are now seeing, utilising and understanding the benefits that reflexology can produce. This treatment is an ongoing, forever changing therapy, with new discoveries being found all the time.

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