If you want to work shamanistic but through meditation you have not found your power animal, then having a retrieval I will bring back your power animal so you can continue to work with them for your spiritual practice. Just like a soul retrieval there must have been a moment in you life where you was not working with the animal or that you just never worked with your spirit animal at all, so what happens is you loose that connection, but I can bring that connection back.

This session will bring back your power animal to be able to work with him or her again. When you work with your spirit animal on a regular basis it can make meditation so much more fun, you grow from the relationship, you help each other through certain events and you can call upon them in your time of need. It sounds strange to most people that you would want to know who your power animal is, but it can tell you a lot about who you are and your journey on this earth.  I can help you work with your power animal after the session for a small fee, just until you are feeling happy that you can carry on within your spiritual quest happy that you can work with the spirit.

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