This Reiki Level 2 – or Second Degree – course will deepen your healing connection with Reiki with a Level 2 Attunement and is a requirement of insurance companies if you wish to offer Reiki healings professionally. This one day course includes learning 3 sacred symbols that are extremely powerful and you will be taught how to integrate these symbols into what you have already learnt in Reiki Level 1. You will also learn a powerful technique that can help people with emotional healing and I will guide and teach you to be able to give effective distant healing to others.  You will need to wait a minimum of 3 months after your level 1 course and you must have undertaken 21 days of self healing before being ready to take this course.

The day will cover the following aspects of Reiki healing

  • Usui System of natural healing
  • Reiki principles
  • Reiki lineage
  • 3 Sacred Usui symbols 
  • How to use the symbols in a healing 
  • How to sense the symbols vibration
  • Techniques for emotional healing 
  • Distant healing treatment
  • Reiki Shares and treatments 
  • The meridians and understanding the energy 
  • Code of ethics 
  • Certification 
  • Reiki journalling and continuing personal development 

I will supply a fully comprehensive manual to help you remember everything that was taught on the day plus extra information. As your Reiki teacher I will be available for support and guidance throughout your Reiki journey, however far you choose to take it.

Your Reiki Journey

If you chose to continue building upon your Reiki courses these are the pathways you may take.

You will be certified to use Reiki on yourself, family, friends, plants and animals.

You can become an Associate Member of the Reiki Federation


(3-6 months after level 1 completed)

You will be certified to set up your own practice, join the Reiki Federation, charge for treatments and get insurance cover.

At this point you can choose to continue onto Levels 3 and 4, or gain Accreditation

(3-6 months after level 2 completed)

You will learn advanced symbols to advance your Reiki Practice

(3-6 months after level 2 completed)

You will be able to teach and carry out attunements.

(Available from Summer 2024, subject to training centre accreditation being granted)

You will learn business and legal skills, communication skills, consent, confidentiality, record keeping, work role & responsibility, anatomy & physiology and more.

This involves 6 days of courses on top of the level 1 & 2 course. Plus 175 hours of self study. Taking a minimum of 9 months to complete. Students must receive 100 treatments and complete 10 case studies. 5 of these must be supervised.

 Accreditation route is for those professionals who wish to join the CNHC register. This is often a pre-requisite for those who want to work in hospices and hospitals.

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