What to expect from a reflexology treatment.

I like to provide a relaxing yet stimulating reflexology treatment. You might be worried that you don’t like your feet being touched or concerned that it will be ticklish, but my years of experience and training mean I can apply exactly the right degree of pressure to put you at ease, whilst maximising the likelihood of getting the results you need. Throughout the treatment I will be looking at your overall health, aiding you to achieve your goals by massaging specific reflex points. I will use firm pressure and thumb-walking in conjunction with various relaxing techniques that I have implemented in my practice over the years, to give you the most beneficial treatment that I can offer.

I use a Lafuma padded Reflexology recliner which will provide you with comfort, whilst allowing me to gain full access to all the areas of your feet. Throughout your treatment I will ask you if the pressure I am applying is comfortable for you. Whilst working with your feet there is a high probability that I will encounter crystalline deposits, which I will help to break down and flush away. Deposits can be due to congestion or imbalances in the corresponding reflex points that can be of a physical or emotional nature.

There are also reflex points that benefit from the pressure applied during a treatment, these can feel a little tender, similar to the sensation felt when someone massages your back after a hard days work. It provides a sense of relief and relaxation.

During your first session I will talk you through the treatment and explain the areas that I am applying pressure to and why. After the treatment I will create an individualised plan of care relevant to your needs, often I will provide you with some routines to perform at home to help speed up the effectiveness of the treatments.

How many treatments?

Reflexology can be used as a relaxation tool, however if you wish to use it as a complementary therapy for specific health complaints be aware that it is not a magic cure, or an instant fix. Some people only have a treatment once a month whereas other people book a course of 6 to 12 weekly or fortnightly treatments. The more frequent you choose to have them, the sooner you should feel any benefits.  When clients inform me of overall improvements to symptoms, the intervals between treatments can be decreased, depending on each clients individual needs – a top up once a month benefits most clients with ongoing health concerns. Please contact me to discuss treatments, I am very happy to talk to you and provide information to help you. I am also aware that many people cannot afford regular sessions but still suffer with poor health so although I may advise you on what I feel is best for your health you will never feel under pressure to have more treatments than you choose.

To get the best out of these treatments your lifestyle is always going to be a considerable factor. You should follow a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. Some clients benefit from additional lifestyle changes such as meditation. I am an advocate of meditation and have been trained in Mindfulness and Transcendental techniques. I have implemented these in my everyday life and greatly believe in the constant benefits of practicing them. Meditation can bring great benefits alongside western and alternative therapies.


I will give you advice at the end of each treatment. You will need to drink enough water to help the body’s lymphatic system get rid of toxins and promote the body’s immune response. A wide range of reactions may be experienced after a treatment such as slight sweating, increased urination, deep sleep, feeling physically drained, emotional responses or a slight increase in your symptoms. Please do not be alarmed, this is a good thing and means that your body is rebalancing itself, it is known amongst complementary therapists as a healing outcome. Not everyone has these responses, some have a lift in mood or vivid dreams. Over the years I have seen so many variations of responses, but these reactions will subside quickly.

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