Plai is a member of the ginger family and it mainly comes from Thailand, Indonesia and India. Plai essential oil is mainly produced from expressed, distilled or steam extraction.

This amazing oil has a cooling effect on pain, it is anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and anti neuralgic.

The physical uses of Plai essential oil work for many types of pain. It helps muscular skeletal pain, acts like a potent analgesic and has anti inflammatory effects whilst helping muscular aches and sprains. It also is good at helping IBS, stomach cramps, digestive issues and stimulates the immunity in those that use this essential oil.

Emotionally this oil can give you a new view point on the world and give you a fresh perspective. It is deeply relaxing and calming to the mind, body and the soul.


Safety Data;

Needs to be 3% in a blend to be effective, it is non irritant and skin friendly although people with very sensitive skin should do a patch test first.

Blends well with Marjoam, Rosemary and herbaceous notes. lavender, black pepper and sandalwood also blends well with this oil.

I make pain blends for people with moderate to severe pain. Get in touch if your looking for an alternative to the western medicine approach. These pain blends with essential oils have the backing of research to prove the efficacy.

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