This type of reflexology looks at you as a whole, we discuss diet and supplements and we will discuss where you are at with your fertility issues. Pre-conceptual and Pregnancy Reflexology stimulates the endocrine system which is the hormone system in our body. Sometimes people look towards fertility reflexology as an alternative when conventional treatment cannot give a reason for any fertility issues. Reflexology can help to balance the body as a whole, stimulate hormones and de-stress the body.

If you use my contact form then we can discuss if you and your partner want to come for a free consultation where I can plan a treatment for you. I will be able to discuss with you the treatment and what it entails, as well as giving you a few hand-outs that may involve a slight change in lifestyle, but we need to be look at you as a whole and find the best route to your goals. This is achieved by looking at and delving into many factors that could be causing your fertility issues. It can be a difficult, challenging and emotional time for you and your partner, planning to start a family for some is a challenge but with sensible lifestyle choices and regular reflexology sessions it may lead to a happy outcome.


Pre-conceptual Reflexology may enhance your fertility and ensure you are in the best physical and emotional condition to optimise your chances of conception.

Pregnancy Reflexology can be used for any general conditions associated with pregnancy such as lower back and hip pain, lack of energy, hormone imbalances that can present as emotional disturbances and mood swings. Reflexology can also help sciatica, sleep problems, constipation and fluid retention (this list is not exhaustive). Reflexology may help if your baby is overdue and if you are keen on this intervention then you may be able to add this to your birthing plan when you discuss this with your midwife or GP. Often the medical profession is unaware that reflexology may be able to offer you comfort, reassurance and support.

Reflexology may also be beneficial to support you thoughout your journey and can be incredibly useful in helping relieve stress & tension, worry and anxiety before procedures.
Reflexology is a subtle and natural way to help you recover following the birth of your baby. Your body is exhausted from the physical, emotional and hormonal changes that have taken place in the nine months of your pregnancy. Reflexology treatments can help to alleviate anxiety and encourage your body to heal, whilst relaxing you and aiding your bodies system to return to your normal balanced self.

I also offer Reflexology to assist with a Natural Birth as well, there have been many research studies conducted over the world. One study showed that first time mums who received reflexology prior to birth had average labour times of 5 to 6 hours. It was also noted that the group treated with reflexology needed far less pain relief during labour too. (G. Motha and J. McGrath – 1992 “The effects of reflexology on labour outcome” ).

Research & Articles: Postnatal Reflexology

Research has shown that reflexology is excellent for maintaining or increasing milk supply, enhancing bonding and breastfeeding as well as helping to reduce the effects of post-natal depression.

[New mothers who received reflexology initiated lactation in 43.47 hours in comparison to the control group average of 66.97 hours. At 72 hours satisfactory lactation was documented in 98% of the foot reflexology group and 67% of the control group. Reflexology helped avoid use of drugs in lactation that may be harmful to the baby. Siu-lan, Li, “Galactagogue Effect of Foot Reflexology in 217 Parturient Women (milk secretion / lactation in new mothers),” (19)96 Beijing International Reflexology Conference (Report), China Preventive Medical Association and the Chinese Society of Reflexology, Beijing, 1996 p. 14]
[In a controlled study of postpartum women experiencing anxiety and depression, six hours of reflexology demonstrated a significant difference for foot reflexology with traditional Chinese medicine foot bath group when compared to control groups. Peng Guizhi, Qiu snow-sheung, Meng Li-fang, Zhou Ying, Wei Dan He, “Post-natal care and intervention on anxiety, depression impact study,” China’s Health (medical research) 2007 14

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