Reflexology is an artform and a science that takes a holistic non-invasive approach. It helps the body recover from the stresses and strains of life, thus finding a homeostatic balance. It is a very relaxing therapy which benefits various conditions related to physical, emotional or mental stress. Reflexology removes blockages and toxins which therefore promotes better circulation, increased energy, stimulation of the nervous system and strengthening of the immune and lymphatic system making us less likely to become ill.

Reflexology is a specific pressure technique which works on precise reflex points on the feet. It is based on the premise that reflex areas on the feet correspond with all organs, glands and body parts. Professional massage of these reflex points show which areas of the body are out of balance and not working efficiently. This therapy is used to maintain good health and to prevent stress.

Alongside conventional Western medicine, Reflexology can improve the quality of life for many people. It brings, comfort and reassurance, many of my clients have reported noticeable health benefits. As well as aiding relaxation, Reflexology can help relieve stress which is not an illness but can have a massive effect on your overall health and lead to associated problems further down the line

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