Soul energy release is a session that is similar to cutting energetic cords. We all go along in life in the western world entering new relationships and we fall out with friends and family etc. Now whilst we have been within close friendships or had close relationships our energy becomes intertwined, depends on how close you have been to the other person. For some people you seem to loose that energetic link and others seem to be able to move forward, but for some of us who are sensitive souls the attachment is still there within your energy, it can be over your heart area or solar plexus. These attachments are what have stopped you to be able to move forward and you often see people after 5 or 6 years down the line still distraught because of a death, a bad relationship or simply you no longer speak to your best friend that you shared many moments over the years and cant move on since you had an argument or fell out with them. So Soul Energy release removed these attachments and allows you to move forward able to function better within the world we live in. This form of healing is so new to us in the western world but in many cultures who are westernised in South America and parts of Africa this ceremony is used often. To the point that pschodynamic therapists use this treatment to help people who are stuck within talking therapies. It helps the client to move forward and get on with their life’s.

This healing is not a quick fix and does not have a dramatic release after the treatment, many people don’t feel a thing and think that it has not worked. After performing Soul Energy Release on multiple individuals I can say after 3 to 6 weeks after everyone always comes back to me telling me that they feel so much better and have moved forward in their life and they can see the subtle changes building and building on a daily basis. This treatment is truly a wonderful ceremony to undertake for anyone who needs to cut those energetic ties and wants to move on in their life.

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