Noni Juice is not a medicine or a drug and I do not imply that it has any healing properties. Noni Juice is just an efficacious juice, that has been and is being used by millions of people around the world. Much research that has been carried out on this fruit and is still ongoing, with one study showing the effects of noni on over 22,000 users.

There are many brands of Noni Juice; some are certainly better than others, but all should contain a very high proportion of juice from the plant morinda citrifolia. I would personally never use a juice that contains preservatives, and definitely find that companies selling the juice in plastic containers I would avoid because of the possible ‘leeching’ effect with the low but naturally acidic properties of fruit juice & the plastics of the bottle. Anything less than 90 percent Noni is not a good brand and your then being totally ripped off.


Noni Juice comes from the plant morinda citrifolia that grows prolifically around the Pacific basin. Many practitioners recommend it to their patients as an efficacious dietary supplement. Some believe that if the body’s overall health can be improved, then it is stronger to fight the effects of pervasive illnesses and their symptoms. I believe that the purity of the juice stimulates the body in some way to ward off problem conditions, to effect abnormal conditions, and to help resolve health issues. There is also some evidence of Noni juice having Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and I am testament to this effect from this juice with my testimonial further down the page.

Whether you are taking medication or not, please consult your regular GP and advise them that you are considering taking a regular amount of fruit juice, and maybe ask them to monitor you more closely for an agreed period. If the juice helps your body become fitter and enables you to better fight your particular health challenge, then your doctor may want to reduce your medication in the long term.

I my self have been taking Noni Juice for over 7 years now and i personally have felt anti-inflammatory and pain reliving properties with relief from my Mortons Neuroma in my feet and undiagnosed back pain. Noni aids metabolism and gives you energy and if you try it for 3 months you might feel the benefits of this super fruit. You have to try for 3 months due to the fact that our blood and cells all become replenished in a 3 month cycle & the best effects can be seen after taking the juice for this period of time.

A client of mine used Noni Juice to help her recover better from surgery and she continued using the juice after she had healed much quicker than her doctors had thought she had healed from her scars. She continues to feel the benefits of noni and buys from me every month.

There is a lot more information, testimonials and research available on the internet, just search for Noni Juice.

Commonly reported health benefits of Noni Juice include:

  • Increased mental clarity and attention span

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Greater physical performance levels

Commonly reported health benefits of Noni Juice include:

  • Immunity:

    Supports the immune system’s natural ability to fight disease and infection.

  • Circulation, tissues and Cells:

    Noni Juice is a superior antioxidant that helps rid the body of harmful free radicals. It also increases energy levels and may have some anti-inflamatory and analgesic effects in some users. One study shown that Noni was effective in stopping tumours in rat studies and that Noni Juice may help with the symptoms of Cancer treatment.

  • Digestion:

    Noni Juice supports proper digestion and helps you absorb more nutrients at the cellular level.

  • Skin and Hair:

    Noni Juice contains components that are specifically important to the skin and hair. It also helps carry beneficial substances to the skin.

I sell a months worth of Organic Noni Juice in a glass bottle for £30.00 a bottle with £5.95 shipping to UK only. Please contact me on 07743143160 I accept card payments over the phone, paypal, bank transfer or bitcoins. I don’t always have this product in stock as they sell fast. A few times a month I take orders for the next batch to be shipped from USA.

If your looking for any advice about there Noni juice then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Current Noni Research

  • Dr. Ralph Heinicke and Afa Palu are working on the extraction and structure of Proxeronine & Xeronine.

  • Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim is doing follow-up work on noni and it’s effect on Lewis lung carcinoma cells.

  • TAHITIAN NONI® Juice at the University of Illinois, Rockford. This research is being funded with a grant from Morinda, Inc. The study is on the “Chemopreventative Effect of TAHITIAN NONI Juice in Human Smokers.”

  • Dr E. Furusawa at the University of Hawaii has researched the effect of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and chemotherapy drugs on the sarcoma 180 line of cancer cells.

  • Individuals have uncovered noni’s ability to inhibit the COX-II enzyme while allowing the COX-I enzyme to continue to function.

  • Scientists are also investigating the antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasistic properties of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice.

  • Dr. C. Ho at Rutgers University is researching new novel compounds in noni.

  • Research is being done on the potent antioxidative properties of noni.

  • Researchers are investigating the toxicological, allergenicity, and genotoxicity of noni.

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