This specialised and powerful form of Spinal Reflexology is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet. In a treatment you have points pressed and techniques used to open up the spinal reflexes on the feet, these effectively energise each individual vertebra and help to identify nerve roots that are out of balance. A nerve root exits through the vertebrae to reach specific organs and muscles. Using spinal reflexology will help me to recognise the organs in the body that are not functioning correctly and will balance your points thus effecting internal healing and helping related structures.

Clients can often feel sensitivity in the spine but have no association with any back problems at all. Spinal reflexology can help identify what reflexes are really out of balance. With spinal reflexology I can work on your spinal reflex points using experience that I have gained over a decade of giving reflexology treatments. This treatment also incorporates Muscular Skeletal Reflexology along with the Spinal Reflexology to give you the best treatment I can offer with my wealth of experience of multiple disciplines of reflexology. The aim of this treatment is to help to correct imbalances in parts, organs and systems of the body, but with the added benefit of aiding muscle relaxation from within and around the spinal reflexes.

This can be a very effective treatment for numerous issues


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